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Ending of Social Media… the class

on December 4, 2012

Being in this class has taught me more about social media then I expected. I have been active in social media since MySpace came out when I was in middle school, but this semester I became so much more involved. I never realized how many companies had social media accounts and how much they were involved. All semester I followed the Pepsi twitter handle. Pepsi tweets multiple times a day and links to other sites that they are involved in. So many companies, such as Pepsi, are using social media to reach their customers and learn what they want out of the product/company.

Social media is taking over the world in my eyes. I have become so much more ‘obsessed’ with Twitter , after this class. I look to Twitter to learn what is going on in the news, what my favorite celebrities and friends are up too, as well as lately looking for jobs. Because of following multiple PR practitioners, I have learned of new job postings and companies that I have grown interest in.

There is one thing I would add to this course, and that is following multiple clients instead of just one. Throughout the semester following Pepsi began to get repetitive. The company’s social media accounts did not change a lot throughout the weeks, it would have been nice to have a change of perspective.


4 responses to “Ending of Social Media… the class

  1. abrophy4 says:

    I, too, had no idea how many companies use social media. Not only that but for what purposes they use it for. Now when I follow a company I can pick out things that are strategic and I get what they are trying to do.

  2. ek00555 says:

    Good point! I would have liked to look at how other companies operate their social media sites, as well. Like you said, following one company’s every move online got repetitive. I feel like nothing substantial happened from week to week. Most postings I saw online and the comments I read were pretty much the same. The kinds of events/updates changed every week, but the topics were relatively still the same. I would have like to look at another company and maybe compare the two.

  3. alexis6164 says:

    I agree following one company did become repetitive after the weeks started to pass by, but this class did introduce a variety of new takes on social media.

  4. I like your idea to follow more than one client. That way we could compare and contrast what other companies do online. I got so annoyed monitoring Delta. They had the same content every week. It would have been nice to monitor some different content.

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